Top 10 Creative Picnic Ideas For The Family

From an indoor picnic movie night to out in the sun listening to your favorite music here are ten picnic ideas for the whole family.

There’s something special about picnics, it almost symbolizes summer – sitting in the sun eating homemade sandwiches and drinking pre-made juice, what’s not to love?

However, there are many other ways to do picnics for the whole family! You see, picnics aren’t just for summer, and we’re not talking about finding that rare hot day in the middle of winter.

Picnics can be a fun family event regardless of the time of year, and they don’t need to be outside either! From an indoor picnic while watching your favourite movie to a picnic out of the trunk of your car there’s plenty to choose from.

Here’s our take on our top ten picnic ideas for the family.

🧺1. The classic picnic 

It wouldn’t be an article about picnics if we didn’t include the all-time classic. Best mid-summer or spring, the classic picnic is a must-do family event. Grab yourself a picnic set or even a few paper plates and head down to your local park, beach, or even the garden if you so choose!

Looking to spruce it up a little? Why not bring along some of your favourite tunes and enjoy the ultimate chill experience? You know you want to! 

🧺2. A winter picnic 

Yep, you heard us right: a picnic in the winter. Now then, hold on before you say no! A picnic in the winter granted you’ve got yourself some warm coats and gloves can be a super fun experience for the whole family.

There’s something about the frost, the hard grass, and the occasional snow droplet that makes it so exciting! Besides, don’t let the weather determine what you can and can’t do!

🧺3. Indoor movie night picnic 

An indoor movie night picnic is great whatever the weather, all-year-round. With or without the picnic mat (this is entirely your choice) gather together with your pre-made sandwiches, soft drinks, and snacks and enjoy a family-friendly movie! No traveling, no hassle, and it’s warm whatever the weather. What’s not to love?

🧺4. A takeout picnic 

Do you have a favorite restaurant or brunch place? Why not order takeout whether it be fish and chips, sandwiches to go, or a Sunday roast and head to your local park, beach, or favourite picnic location. A takeout picnic means less preparation, less waste, and less to clean up afterward!

🧺5. Back of the car picnic!

An old tradition – a picnic from the trunk of your car. Open up the boot and serve up your favorite food. One of the best things about having a picnic in the back of your car is the location is entirely up to you. If you want to watch the planes take off from the airport car park then go for it!

To avoid a mess you may wish to place your mat in the back of your car – that is unless you’re a fan of crumbs, crushed crisps, and countless chocolate stains you’ll find for weeks?

🧺6. Teddy bear picnic  

Possibly the cutest picnic, and more so for your children, or at least we’d hope is the teddy bear picnic. Invite your children to bring along their favorite teddies, some empty cups, and some spare plates. Let their imagination run wild while you enjoy a nice picnic in the sun, under the stars, or even in the back of your car?

🧺7. Landmark and or fort picnic 

Ever wanted to pretend you lived in a castle? Well, now you can! Choose a landmark whether it be a fort, castle, pier, or Hollywood Blvd. and let their imagination run wild, yours too!

This kind of picnic is especially great for the imaginative type, whether they’re into slaying dragons or saving the princess from the tower they’re in for a treat – and most likely a slice of cake once their adventurous work is done.

🧺8. Permanent picnic 

Ever wanted to have a picnic any time of the day? Well, why not set up a permanent picnic in your back yard? Great for picnic fanatics or even to lay out in the sun during the hot summer months this is one you’re not going to want to miss – just be sure to bring in the mat each night in case it rains!

🧺9. Travel picnic 

Got a big journey planned? Whether you’re heading on the train for a six-hour journey, the bus, or even the car what’s stopping you from having a picnic on the go? Keep those energy level highs and bring the picnic to you.

Especially great on the train as all family members can get involved while enjoying superb views from the window, you can even do yourself a bit of people watching if you fancy it!

🧺10. Pajama breakfast picnic 

Who said you have to have a picnic outside or even for lunch? Surprise your kids with a pajama picnic, perhaps first thing in the morning with some of their favorite foods, you may want to lay off the sugar so early though!

Likewise, you can also join in! Grab your Spiderman pajamas (we know you have a set) and get yourself involved! A fun family event that can be done from the comfort of your own home, heck from your bedroom!

Just be wary of the mess, no one likes crumbs in their bed!

The bottom line 

There are many different ways to enjoy a picnic, you are no longer restricted to a hot summer’s day in the park. Instead, you have endless options from indoor movie nights to pajama picnic parties there’s plenty of ideas to light up that smile on your kid's face!

So, what type of picnic is it going to be?

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