Don't know how to fasten your bangs? Check out easy suggestions

A good fringe is a hit in haircuts! There is no doubt that this is a fashion icon that makes any look more cool and youthful. But, there are times when we want to leave the whole face on display. Especially when we make a new cut, which is still taking shape, or when we're trying to grow the bangs.

There are several original and beautiful ways to pin your bangs that are long. Try out different techniques and hairstyles!


For those days when you want a good result but have little time to dedicate to your hair, this trick is perfect. Gather the bangs and twist to the desired side, along the scalp. Secure it with two "X" shaped clips. Use a finishing spray to secure the hairstyle.

Mini pompadour

A great option for those looking for more volume. The first step is to ruffle the strands with a brush to gain volume. Then take the fringe to the side of the face or to the top of the head and secure it with two clips in the shape of an "X." Use a finishing spray to complete the look.


Similar to the previous style, but with more volume. The pompadour (topknot) style is a classic that can become a very interesting hairstyle for a special event. This hairstyle has two versions:

  • Version 1: before starting to twist the fringe, puff up the strands with a brush to gain volume and apply a little fixing spray. Then slightly twist the bangs, without squeezing too much, to the side of the face and secure it with two clips in the shape of an "X". Use the spray again to finish.
  • Version 2: Separate the bangs to the front. Use a brush to ruffle your bangs and add volume. Pull the fringe back and comb it a little over the top to smooth it out. Secure the fringe down with two "X" clips on top of your head. You can let your hair down, pull it to the sides, or even tuck it back.


While this style takes a little more time and dedication, it is certainly beautiful and original. Separate the fringe to the front of the hair and secure the rest of the hair with a rubber band. Start to braid the fringe along the scalp at one end of the face and go catching small hair strands with each braid so that it is embedded. Continue until you run out of bangs. You can use a small transparent elastic band to secure the braid, tuck it behind your ear, or secure it from the outside with bobby pins.

High ponytail

Try a ponytail on top of your head. Very popular these days, you can also vary and make a bun or a ponytail for a more relaxed look. Pull the bangs back, clip if necessary, and add a fixative serum for a stylish look.


Secure the bangs back with a hair ribbon. In this case, you may need the help of staples to secure the fringe, as the tape alone may not be enough to secure it. Use a finishing serum to keep the strands tidy.

Did you see? All it takes is a little imagination, a few bobby pins, and a good finishing spray to get a perfect hairstyle for your bangs. Thus, it is easy to vary the look and guarantee countless looks.

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