10 Early Symptoms of Diabetes } Know the Warning Signs

Type 2 diabetes is a disease caused by excess glucose in the blood. This metabolic problem is the most common form of diabetes. In France, an estimated 3.5 million people are affected by diabetes, despite the fact that the disease sometimes goes unnoticed for years!
While symptoms may remain mild, diabetes can also have serious consequences if not treated medically.

Here are 10 early symptoms of diabetes to fight the problem as soon as possible!

Constant Fatigue

Constant fatigue is one of the most common diabetes symptoms, especially in combination with a feeling of thirst. Many other issues can cause fatigue, but it's never a symptom to ignore!

Increased Appetite

Since the person with diabetes cannot assimilate glucose, the body constantly sends hunger signals to the brain. Cells need glucose to function and therefore crave it all the time, even after a good meal!

Small Wounds That Do Not Heal

A small cut on the finger that does not heal? It could be a sign of diabetes. Glucose is essential for healing wounds, so a deficiency slows down the immune system's proper functioning.

Tingling in Legs and Arms

The glucose level in the body affects the nerves, which can cause tingling or numbness sensations in the arms and legs. This sensation is a serious symptom, because nerve problems can lead to dysfunctions in the skin, heart, digestive system. Consult a doctor immediately!

Being Thirsty All the Time

Eating something sweet makes you thirsty, and the same mechanism is triggered in the body of the diabetic, but on a large scale. The blood is saturated with glucose, forcing the person to drink all day long!

Sudden Weight Loss

Because the body cannot use sugar, it burns fat stores instead. A person with diabetes can find himself facing sudden weight loss without having done any diet or exercise! It goes without saying, but losing weight with diabetes is undesirable, and can even lead to serious organ problems.

Fail to Get Rid of Infections

Due to the deficiency of glucose in the body, the immune system does not work as well as before. Therefore, people with diabetes more often have infection problems (skin infections, urinary tract infections, etc.), with more difficulty getting rid of them afterward!

Urinate Often

If one of the symptoms of diabetes is feeling more thirsty, it often results in having to urinate more often! This is a clue to spot signs of diabetes more easily in children, for example.

Blurred Vision


Due to the excess of glucose, the shape and flexibility of the eye's components may change. Therefore, many people with diabetes are prone to sight problems, and having blurred vision is an important early symptom of diabetes that should not be missed! In these cases, immediate treatment is necessary for the health of the eye.

Feeling Irritated or Depressed

When the brain is not getting enough glucose, the person may experience waves of irritation or depression. It's the same phenomenon that makes people cringe when they're hungry!

Do you have any of these symptoms? Rest assured, living with diabetes is absolutely possible; consult your doctor.

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