Self-Care Tools and Techniques For Lockdown: 2021 Edition

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t gone away as we expected. Now, we face another round of potential lockdowns throughout the country as we await a faster rollout of the new COVID-19 vaccines. Unfortunately, this means that many of the places we go for self-care, such as the gym and massage studio, are locked up tight. The good news is that there are ways to take care of ourselves and stay healthy until we can finally emerge from our homes without restrictions. Here are a few tools and techniques to try until lockdowns in your area are lifted.


Body Sculptors

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A body sculptor is a piece of exercise equipment that helps tone and tighten muscles. Available through Trendlor, these products are inexpensive, portable, and multifunctional. A Pilates exercise stick, for example, is a sturdy steel bar with resistance bands attached. Foot loops allow you to enjoy a full-body workout doing squats, curls, lunges, and more. When you’re done, simply store it in a closet or under the bed for easy access the next time you need a low-impact toning exercise.

Online Challenges

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The internet is a homebody’s best friend when it comes to finding ways to stay motivated to maintain your health. A quick Google search can help you uncover numerous interactive challenges, such as the Ladyboss Live 28 Day Challenge. With this online program, you’ll be given the information you need to jumpstart or reboot your personal wellness endeavors. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to exercise, eat well, maintain your weight, and tackle daily challenges right from the comfort of home.


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When it’s time to prioritize your health, there are other tools that can help you get the job done aside from fitness equipment. Sneakers, comfortable clothing, and a running belt are all great examples. One thing you may not have considered, however, is a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, One popular option is the ubiquitous Apple AirPods, which is known for its immersive sound and noise-canceling abilities. Perhaps most importantly, they are also sweat-resistant and quickly integrate with all of your Apple devices.

Body Massager

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A body massager is an excellent addition to your home-health arsenal, particularly if you tend to carry stress in your muscles. Available as a chair or a mat, the benefits of an at-home massage include everything from relaxation to improved blood circulation. It’s also been suggested that massage can improve mental health, as well as problem-solving abilities.


Eating Right

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You would be hard-pressed to find a health expert that did not suggest eating healthy foods as part of your overall self-care efforts. But what exactly does that mean? Further, is it possible to stick to a dietary plan when you’re bored, stressed, and concerned about the future of the world? The truth is that eating healthy is not difficult, and it starts with prioritizing whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. To maintain your healthy eating efforts, learn to cook at home, and make recipes that you enjoy preparing and eating. Make breakfast, lunch, and dinner a family affair. If you’re hungry shortly after eating, drink a cup of water before you indulge.

Sleeping Enough

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Sleeping is another long-touted suggestion for people looking to improve their overall wellness. While the science behind sleep is still largely misunderstood, sleep is known to basically be the body's shutdown state. Like powering down your computer resets its operating system, sleeping gives your internal operating system a chance to purge everything from excess information in the brain to toxins in the blood. Also, when you sleep, you actually lose weight — both fat and excess water — through breathing and transpiration.

Working Out

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When the gym is closed, you’ll have to get creative in your workout methods. If you’ve already invested in body sculptors and earbuds, you’re off to a great start. But you will also need to understand how to safely perform exercises, such as stretching and running, so that you do not injure yourself while trying to improve your physical health. A few safe, at-home workouts you can try include jumping jacks, walking lunges, push-ups, yoga, and hula hooping.

Mental Break

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When planning your self-care regimen, don’t forget your mental health. Remember, when your brain is overtaxed, you won’t be in a good state to take care of your body.

There are many ways to give yourself a mental break/boost so that you can tackle everything else without feeling emotionally exhausted. American Family Insurance suggests going outside, being active, meditating, and socializing. The latter of these may be difficult if your gym or other social outlet is closed, but you can always call a friend, schedule a Zoom meeting with your crew, or invite the neighbors over for an outdoor fire pit.

Other Ideas

Other ways to improve your mental and physical state include:

⦁ Plan a vacation, even if you can’t go until 2022. Just having something to look forward to may be all the motivation you need to get your body bikini ready.
⦁ Take a warm bath. Like a massage, a warm bath promotes circulation and relaxation.
⦁ Make a list of all the important things you have to do each day, and break these down into achievable tasks. You’ll feel accomplished and get more done.
⦁ Light a candle. Aromatherapy is an excellent way to perk up your olfactory senses. Citrus and mint scents are especially invigorating.

Although it feels like we’ve been stuck in a perpetual pattern of lockdowns and re-openings, there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Several vaccines have either been approved or are close to being released to the public. As we get a better grip on the virus, the world will eventually return to normal and your gym will be waiting. Until then, the above ideas can help you take better care of yourself each day.

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Author: Stephanie Haywood @ Mylifeboost

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