12 Series That You Will Love if You Already Saw 'Emily in Paris'

Emily in Paris has become one of the most applauded series on Netflix not only for the plot or the beautiful settings but for the incredible outfits that Lily Collins wore.
Fashion was the true protagonist of this production; It is so incredible that if you wanted to see more, allow yourself to enjoy these 12 incredible series.


Based on the novel by Stephanie Danler. It shows Tess's story, a 22-year-old girl who moves to New York and gets a job at a famous restaurant. Everything seems to be going according to her plans until her secrets begin to be revealed.


A wild series with great outfits. It shows the two richest families in America fighting to increase their fortunes and influence their children to gain ground in dirty ways

The Carrie Diaries

Based on Candace Bushnell's novel of the same name and prequel to Sex and the City. The series shows how Carrie Bradshaw met her best friends and started her career in New York.


From Darren Star, the creator of Emily in Paris. The series follows Liza Miller, who will have to lie about her age and act like a teenager to further her acting career.

The Mindy Project

the mindy project
If you want an afternoon of fashion and comedy, this is the perfect option. Mindy is a successful gynecologist with an unflattering love life, which will lead her to get involved in more than one problem in order to find true love.

Katy Keene

katy keene

Set in the same universe as Riverdale. Katy travels to New York to begin her career as a fashion stylist, where she will find a group of friends who will become her support against heartbreak, envy, and intrigue.

The Bold Type

The series shows Sutton, Kat, and Jane working for the iconic Scarlet Magazine. Even though they have a dream job, they are still trying to figure out what to do with their lives

Jane the Virgin

Jane will show you one of the craziest love triangles in the world of television. Jane is a virgin girl who is inseminated by mistake and ends up pregnant; from that moment on, his life was filled with love, conspiracies, and deaths.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Zoey acquires the ability to perceive other people's emotions and listen to her inner thoughts through songs. This unexpected power will turn her life upside down.


The Velvet house the best outfits of the 50s and hide a dangerous relationship between a seamstress and the owner.


Based on the homonymous series by Elisabet Benavent. It shows the story of Valeria and her friends in Madrid, each and every one of them different from each other, representing women who try to make their way through life while fighting their insecurities and heartbreak.

Lipstick Jungle

lipstick jungle
Victory, Nico, and Wendy have difficulty balancing their career, work, and personal life; However, among themselves, they will find the support they so badly needed, but not before experiencing more than one adventure.
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