Is Warner Guilty of DC's Failures? The director of 'Green Lantern' assured it

There is no doubt that DC Comics have suffered over the years. Whether it's from bad directors, casting, or writing, it seems the company had one flop after another until it recently regained some steam with the Snyder Cut and Suicide Squad 2.

There can be many factors that make films bad, but the director of Green Lantern puts most of the blame on the Warner Bros. company. Here's the full gossip!

This director has been in the world of cinema for years and directed such films as 007 Casino Royale, The Mask of Zorro, and his forthcoming release The Protégé; However, he has a stain impossible to erase in his career: Green Lantern.

The film released in 2011 earned a special place, as comic book fans consider it as one of the worst projects ever created, and in fact, its box office collection was quite bad.

His negative criticisms even came to be made by the same protagonist Ryan Reynolds, who on several occasions pointed out how sorry he is to take that role, so much so that he even added a joke about it in his Deadpool 2 feature film.

To promote his latest work due out at the end of August, Campbell did a dynamic on Reddit where he answered all the questions his followers asked him.

At the time the Green Lantern topic came up, he confessed that one of the biggest problems was dealing with Warner Bros executives, and they bear the responsibility that the movie was so bad. In fact, it all ended so badly that he refused to re-record a comedy project.

Campbell isn't the only one who spoke fearlessly about Warner Bros. Other directors like Zack Snyder also shared their thoughts on the company. In his return with the Snyder Cut, he also revealed that he had various misunderstandings for not having the creative freedom he wanted, although in the end, things didn't turn out so badly in his case.

It seems that now things are different, because James Gunn said otherwise, he did have more autonomy in The Suicide Squad, even more than with his Guardians of the Galaxy films.

Maybe this is Campbell's way of "passing the ball," since yes, Warner Bros. may have been partially responsible for the failure of Green Lantern, but the special effects made it much worse.

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